Geiranger & Dalsnibba – Viewpoints Galore!

The final day of the short road trip (tomorrow we will only travel back home) started early in the morning. At 8 we got on a ferry taking us from Hellesylt to Geiranger, a 70 minute ride on the amazing fjords.


Early (cold) morning on a ferry on the fjord.

View point – The Eagle’s Road

After leaving the ferry in Geiranger (a very small village) we went on something the Norwegians are experts in; long, narrow mountain roads with a lot (11) of hairpin turns where you will meet buses in all of them. Sometimes you need to stop, reverse down (or up) the hill and let the bus through. The highest point is 620 meters above the sea.

Horrible parking – again

The view is amazing. But just like yesterday, the parking is absolutely horrible. Try to squeeze in 20 cars and 6 buses where you can fit about 10 cars. Today, a bus made a huge dent in one of the parked cars because of the lack of space (and a bad driver).

If you manage to park, join the crowds and take a nice photo of the fjord below. To the left, you can see the village of Geiranger. To the right, the fjord and waterfalls.


The Geiranger Fjord.


The small village of Geiranger, where you get off (or on) the ferry.



After going down the 11 hairpins again, we set off for another viewpoint. 20 km down the narrow road you can find Dalsnibba. This is Europe’s highest fjord view by road, 1500 meters above sea level. Don’t worry, you will get to enjoy a lot of hairpins this time as well. This was also the only place we needed to pay a toll.

Finally some organized parking

You have three different places to park. The two first parking lots are for cars and the top one for buses and caravans (even though many people drove their cars to the top to avoid walking the extra 30 meters). A much better parking space, but not ideal. Mostly because some people can’t park. When we came back to the car, someone parked so close that I couldn’t open the door on the driver’s side. I needed to climb from the passenger side.

Great view, as expected

When you pay money to go somewhere, you expect it to be great – and it doesn’t disappoint. You can even see through the platform floor, down to the valley below. Not great, I can imagine, if you are afraid of heights. But if you like nice views, I would say it is worth the fee. You can also see the village of Geiranger in the background, seen from the other side than the previous viewpoint.


The view from Dalsnibba, with Geiranger in the distance.






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