I’m at my parents home in Gävle, Sweden for 14 days, but tomorrow we will start a mini roadtrip to Norway. It will be for four days and actually my first time in Norway. I have been in Denmark, Finland and Iceland, but not Norway (which is the closest of the countries from where I grew up).

Day 1 will feature an almost 500 km drive from Gävle in the east of Sweden to Lillehammer in Norway. A city which is most famous for hosting the winter Olympics in 1994.

Day 2 will take us from Lillehammer to Trollstigen (266 km), which is described on their tourist page as “one of the most famous National Tourist Routes, Trollstigen (“The Trolls Road”) is a visual feast. If you see it from the right height and angle, you can feel the view hit you in your stomach.”

Day 3 will be a little bit shorter, 70 km, from Trollstigen to Geiranger, which again has an awesome description on the tourist page. “Among the most scenically outstanding fjord area on the planet!”

Day 4 will be spent going back again.

This will be my first travel blog posts while I’m actually in the country. The previous blogs have all been written later. I hope you will follow me on my first trip to Norway.


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