1 year anniversary in Rome – (Italy + The Vatican)

My first and only trip to Italy, so far, was also a very special one. It was our first anniversary trip back in 2013. We visited Rome for 3 days. Of course, we saw everything you are supposed to see in Rome. Let me give you the story about our days in Rome.


We started out strong by visiting one of the most famous “buildings” in the world, and one of the seven new wonders of the world, Colosseum.

I really hope they manage to solve the traffic issue around Colosseum, because according to some study it might not survive for long – and you can really see in some places the bad shape it is in at the moment. From one side it looks really great, from the other, not so much.


The nice view of Colosseum


The other side of Colosseum, where you can really see how much has disappeared.

We did of course also go inside. Even though we arrived just after lunch time, we didn’t queue for as long as I would’ve thought. When you’re inside you can really feel how majestic this building must have been (even though it was used for horrible things).



The Roman Forum (Forum Romanum)

Basically across the street from Colosseum is The Roman Forum, which used to be the political, economical and religious center of ancient Rome. Today it is just ruins, but you can imagine what it must have looked like.


Colosseum seen from The Roman Forum

Fontana di Trevi

Without knowing all the fountains in the world, I’m sure Fontana di Trevi must be the busiest of them all. A super famous fountain will of course get a lot of people, so don’t expect it to be especially romantic and quiet.


Fontana di Trevi


Just a few people trying to get close to the fountain.

Since we were in Italy, we of course needed to have a pizza. We sat down in a small side street close to the fountain. IMG_0365


An almost 2000 year old building? Sure. The current Pantheon building was built around year 115–125. It then replaced a temple built year 27 b.c.. The entrance is free so you can just walk in and spend a few minutes looking around. You will probably not spend a long time inside if you aren’t really into the history.



The Vatican

Let’s start with a tip if you are going to the Vatican. Go early in the morning. We arrived at around 8 in the morning and there were no queues at all. We managed to get in St. Peter’s Basilica with maximum 5 minutes of queuing. When we got to the top, around an hour later, the queues were very long. It’s very easy to get to the Vatican, you just take the metro (subway, underground, tube) and then walk for a few minutes.


Early morning in the Vatican.


Almost empty inside the basilica.


The view from the top of the basilica. Long queues at 9 in the morning.


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