It’s very easy to get to Hungary and Budapest from the Czech Republic. Direct trains are running every 2-3 hours and the trip is about 7 hours. Quite a long time, but if you don’t mind spending some time on a train, then it shouldn’t be any issues at all. And the trains are comfortable as well.


We spent three days in August 2014 in the capital Budapest. The city reminds me of Prague, even though many people are not agreeing with me on this. It’s just the castle at a big river and an old town that gives me the city sibling feeling.

The Best View – Gellért Hill

The absolutely best view over Budapest is (probably) on top of the 235 m (771 ft) high Gellért Hill. It is a little bit of a hike up the hill, but nothing difficult. When you get to the top, you will get a really nice view over the Danube river.


The view from Gellért Hill

IMG2014-08-22 19.17.18

Eva trying to get even higher up for the perfect photo.

Most Relaxing – Szechenyi Baths

Even though I’m not really a “bath person”, I have visited thermal baths in both Iceland and Hungary (you have to try the popular things, right?).

And the really popular bath in Hungary is called Szechenyi. It’s considered a spa bath with 15 indoor baths and 3 grand outdoor pools in different temperatures. You can’t have a fear of being in a pool with many people, because it will be crowded. I would recommend trying to get there as early as possible, before the crowds arrive. We arrived quite early, and the weather wasn’t that nice, and we had a lot of room to stretch out in the pool. It is the largest medicinal bath in Europe and its water is supplied by two thermal springs keeping the outdoor pools at a nice 27 to 38 °C (81 to 100 °F).


Szechenyi Baths outdoor area.


I’m somewhere in this photo…


Buda Castle

One building that you can’t miss is the Buda Castle (it’s not the Budapest Castle, because it is on the Buda side of the river. The river actually separates Buda from Pest).

Up on a hill next to the river is this majestic building.


Buda Castle.

You can get up to the castle in many ways, but we chose the Funicular/Cable Car.


Funicular/Cable Car to Buda Castle.

Halászbástya – Fisherman’s Bastion

We then walked along the hill to the Fisherman’s Bastion. I don’t really know how to describe this place, but Wikipedia describes it as  a terrace in neo-Gothic and neo-Romanesque style.


Fisherman’s Bastion.

The best thing about the “pavilion” is probably the view over the Budapest government building.


Eva & the Budapest Government Building in the background.

We then finished our short stay in Budapest by eating outside at a restaurant next to the river, with a view of the castle. I really needed to try the Hungarian paprika (spice) before I left, so I had a very yummy pasta with it.

Sorry about the bad photo quality on this photo.


Last night in Budapest at a nice restaurant.




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