Football, injury & weight loss

Such a strange headline, isn’t in? But those three usually goes hand in hand.

Today I had a football (some call it soccer) training. I have it twice a week with my team SK Pardubičky in division 6 in the Czech Rep. It might not sound like much, but it has really changed my life for the better since I started with this team a year ago.

I used to play football on a high level back in Sweden when I was younger. But then, when I was 18 the injury devil came to visit. Sure, I had been injured before, multiple times, but this was something else.

Just 18 years old I suffered not one, but two herniated discs in my back and that was bye bye to my career. That was 10 years ago. After that the kilos kept increasing.

Last year I decided that enough was enough. I wasn’t happy with myself at that moment. I have never been someone that likes the gym, but I have always loved football. I decided to contact a local team. They let me practice with them. Even though it is only twice a week, it has done me very good.

10 kilos less and counting. I really hope the scale will continue to be nice to me.




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